The artesian well from which we extract water is located in the village of Krikova, rich in its limestone deposits. As is known, water in a limestone bed is considered the cleanest, as it undergoes natural filtration and is most isolated from surface influences.

The depth of the well is 150 meters.

“La Nature” water does not require any special preparation, and at the same time, it does not have an excess of minerals and microelements. The well is drilled right at the limestone exit, meaning the water, undergoing natural filtration without any additions, goes directly into the bottles.

“La Nature” water participated for the first time in the Prodexpo exhibition and immediately attracted the attention of several companies from Russia, America, Israel, and Germany. Therefore, it is quite possible that “La Nature” water will soon start conquering foreign markets as well.

"La Nature" - water created by nature.
Well depth – 150 meters;
Ecologically clean zone;
Balanced composition of minerals and microelements
Suitable for daily consumption, for both adults and children.


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